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  • Brendan Boyce

"You Fools! Do You Know What You've Done?" Cries Distraught Jaime Spears

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Following his loss in court to his own daughter, Jamie Spears spoke to the media about how damaging it could be to the world to give Britney Spears basic human rights.

“There is no way Britney can be making decisions about her estate at sixteen years old. Or, I mean, 39. Boy, they sure do grow up fast. Time flies when you’re trying to milk your pop star daughter for every cent she can make." After a wistful moment's pause, he continued, "This is really a failure of the United States judicial system. I thought if I was rich enough I could get away with anything, but the American Dream is truly dead. The fact is, Britney Spears is crazy and that’s why I should be able to control everything about her life. She’s a druggie that won’t stop taking all of the pills I prescribe and force her to take. She has absolutely no self control, partially because I control every facet of her life, but also because she’s crazy. True fans of Britney Spears would be in favor of the conservatorship instead of caring about her 'mental health,' because nobody can force her to tour anymore. I truly did that for the fans, who pay a lot to see her. And if Britney really wanted out of the conservatorship, I wouldn’t have been able to silence her attempts to leave the conservatorship through legal loopholes for thirteen years.”

Jamie Spears left the courtroom in tears, because of how hurtful it was that the daughter he loved obtained a lawyer that actually had her best interest in mind. He got into a limo that drove him to his illustrious mansion, awaiting the many lawsuits that will be filed against him.

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