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  • Madison Cardiel

What Type of Male Are You?

Updated: Mar 31

Have you ever wondered if you were an alpha, sigma, somewhere in between, or something completely different? Take the BUTT’s male quiz to find out! Make sure to keep track of your answers and add up the amount of each letter you chose in the end.

QUESTION 1: Which word resonates the most with you?

A: Power

B: Loyalty

C: Stoicism

D: Success

QUESTION 2: How would you describe yourself?

A: Fighter

B: Entrepreneur

C: Loner

D: Hero

QUESTION 3: Which hobby do you enjoy the most?

A: Weight-lifting B: Networking

C: Investing

D: Hunting

QUESTION 4: What’s your favorite color?

A: Cobalt blue

B: Steel gray

C: Jet black

D: Silk white

QUESTION 5: What is your dream car?

A: Ferrari

B: Firebird

C: Bugatti

D: Porsche

QUESTION 6: What do you think of women?

A: Ewwwww!

B: Cooties!

C: Yucky!

D: No way, Jose!

If you answered MOSTLY A - You are a fairy princess male! A fairy princess male loves nature, frolicking in the forest, and singing to baby birds. It’s your greatest wish to live in a little mushroom house with all of your best fairy friends! You might find yourself inspired by Tinkerbell, Winx Club, or Abby Cadabby.

If you answered MOSTLY B - You are a unicorn male! A unicorn male is typically whimsical and joyous, loving to dance and play in flower meadows. You spend your time weaving flower crowns to decorate your fellow unicorn male friends. Your favorite film is probably Rankin Bass’ The Last Unicorn, and your favorite television show is My Little Pony.

If you answered MOSTLY C - You are a mermaid male! You enjoy swimming in the ocean, collecting pretty seashells, and befriending the creatures of the sea. There’s nothing you enjoy more than singing and brushing your long, beautiful mermaid hair. You probably relate a lot to H2O: Just Add Water. Naur, Cleaur!

If you answered MOSTLY D - You are a Supergirl male! Supergirl males love standing up for what’s right and wearing their fabulous superhero costumes and makeup. There’s nothing you enjoy more than running around on the playground and playing pretend with your friends. You definitely look up to heroes like Captain Marvel and Rey Skywalker!

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