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Sex Week 2024

It's about that time!

Pent up from our typically puritanical and prudish publication, the BUTT is celebrating how love is in the air by spicing things up this news cycle. Alongside the average stream of amazing articles you have all come to know and adore, a more salacious, titillating flow of the utmost tantalizing journalism will be coming your way. Consider the preceding survey on the matter an amuse bouche.

This campaign is not specifically tied to this week alone - one may even consider it "Sex Bi-Week" - but we wish to celebrate everyone regardless of which way they swing and referring to it as "Sex Fortnight" may garner some unwanted attention from a certain gang of gooners who may crank 90s upon us for leading them astray (after cranking a certain something else, goodness gracious).

With everything here being stated, Sex Week is now live. Effective... immediately.

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