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  • Nick Monastero

RA's Receive New Beekeeper Suits to Wear While on Duty

Over the past few weeks, many RA’s have quit their positions after they decided that their on-duty responsibilities wouldn’t change while the campus is on lockdown for two weeks.

“It probably wouldn’t be such a problem if people in quarantine housing didn’t throw so many sick ragers,” an RA, Kendra Fomo, told The BUTT. “I get that they're bored, but I signed up to be a babysitter, not a nurse.”

Even after a new wave of vacated positions, Reslife is not budging on their stance on RA duties. After quickly shutting down the idea of a “virtual duty” and laughing for a full ten minutes at the mention of an RA union, Reslife administrators decided on a compromise for the remaining RAs; providing protective gear to these students in lieu of additional hazard pay.

“Right, the beekeeper costu- suits. Well, we were going to give you guys space suits, but then we looked up how expensive they were and decided, 'Wow, that's not going to happen,'" Reslife representative, Alice Princel, wrote in an email to RA’s today. “The bee stuff should be good enough. I tried one myself. Only got stung once. Not bad. You might think these things need to be perfect but I still haven’t gotten Covid since I put on the suit and locked myself in my office with a bunch of bees so I think you’ll bee fine! (By the way - If you laughed at that pun, you have to go on duty this weekend because someone needs to.”

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