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Quiz Results and Fun Page Answers April 2024

Do the Creatures of the Forest Love Me?

Scoring- Add one point for each correct answer.

1. A. and B. are correct.

2. B., C., and D. are correct. A. just means you’re a poser.

3. Only D. is correct, out of pity. Loser.

4. A., B., and D. are all acceptable (add one point for each). If you picked C., add no points,

because the frogs like their personal space.

5. Only D. is correct.

6. Trick Question, animals can’t read calendars. Subtract one point if you answered this one.

7. B. and D. are correct. Bonus point if you selected both.

8. Only D. is Correct.

9. B. and C. are correct. Subtract one point if you picked D.

10. Only D. is Correct.

Final Tally!

-2 to 3 – Were they capable of complex thought, each and every one of the living things

in the hills would try to eradicate you.

4-7 – You disgust the living beings around you, including your roommate.

8-11 – They tolerate you. Barely. Some of the one with lower standards may hang out

sometimes, such as the star-nosed mole, or turkey vultures.

12 – You somehow meet all the criteria for being worthy of the love of our furry little

friends! Good Job!

What Level of Brain R0T Are You On?

Mostly As… Braindead 

You’re a level 10 brain rot goon with zero IRL friends and are probably getting catfished by your discord girlfriend. You have no time for your family, school, or showering since you spend all your time watching Kai Cenat 24 hour live streams. You are 100% distracted in conversations since concentrating on your mewing streak to achieve ultimate mog status. Seriously, touch grass. 

Mostly Bs… High Brain Rot

You should probably set app limits on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit—while you’re at it, maybe lock your phone in a drawer for a day or two. Take a walk, fix your posture, and drink some water. It’ll be okay<3 

Mostly Cs… Regular Brain Damage

No need to fret, there's a glimmer of hope in your future! You might get the notification on TikTok to “take a break” here and there. You heard about mewing from your 13 year old cousin and are still kind of confused about what it means. You prefer Instagram Reels because it's just like TikTok but “better”. 

Mostly Ds… Minimal Brain Rot Detection

Congratulations! You have little to no signs of brain rot damage. You probably spend most of your time studying. Your frontal lobe should develop just fine with perhaps a few minor setbacks.


5-D Maze Destresser!

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The Crazy Crossword!

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