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Not Just a Theory: MatPat Found Dead in Miami

Updated: Feb 2

Miami-Dade County, Florida - Authorities confirmed the identity of a shooting victim in Miami yesterday as Matthew Robert Patrick, better known as Youtuber and actor MatPat. MatPat’s unfortunate demise comes just days after he announced his departure from running his YouTube channels, breaking the hearts of tens of thousands of devoted fans, as well as mildly bumming out millions of occasional viewers.

Miami-Dale Police have reported that the suspect in custody is Mark Edward Fischbach, a fellow Youtuber and actor better known as Markiplier. “It was crazy,” says eyewitness Margaret Fryer. “He was ranting about how MatPat’s new ‘Poker Man’ or whatever you call them, wasn’t sexy enough for his tastes, before he pulled out a gun and started blasting. Then he yelled out, ‘Was that the Shooting of '24!?!’ and ran away.”

Matthew leaves behind a wife and son, who have declined to comment for this report. However, his estate has put out a statement that reads, “while we cannot get into specifics, we are in talks with CEC Entertainment Incorporated for a very special burial.” Regardless of whatever Charles Entertainment Mouse has planned for the funeral arrangements, one can imagine it will pay tribute to MatPat’s numerous achievements, from making a group of highly successful YouTube channels, to playing a role in the hit blockbuster film Five Nights at Freddy’s, to that time that he gave a copy of Undertale to Pope Francis (seriously, look it up).

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Zane Jennings
Zane Jennings
Mar 20

rip so sad i cant belive this

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