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Man Who Only Watches Popular Movies Gets Major "Star Wars Vibes" From Fiddler on the Roof

For his entire 21-year life, Kyle Reynolds has only watched movies that film students would call “popular” or “blockbusters”. Reynolds has it recorded that he has watched every MCU movie at least ten times, the Fast and the Furious movies at least once a year, and every single piece of Star Wars media at least thirty times. According to Reynolds’ former roommate “it was impossible to watch any of those movies with him since he would just end up quoting the entire movie alongside it. We couldn’t even get him to watch anything else- he’d just start screaming the second anything else was put on and wouldn’t stop until we put on Star Wars”.

It was only until this passed Rosh Hashanah when Reynolds' friends finally decided to break his boundaries, by showing him the film adaptation of the Broadway musical- Fiddler on the Roof, as an attempt to celebrate the holiday. Despite starting off with the usual terror and screams of the unknown, once John William’s name came up in the opening credits, Reynolds seemed to have decided to give the movie a pass. His friends reported that his screams quickly shifted to muttering how that’s the guy from the Star Wars credits.

“Yeah, it was still a complete shit show,” one of his friends reported about the movie night.

Reports claimed that the watch party was filled with comments and poorly thought out analogies that connected Star Wars to Fiddler on the Roof that ranged from relatively anti-Semitic to questionable at best. Comments such as “the Jews being forced out of Anatevka is just like the Jedi being forced out of the temple and killed during Order 66” and “I’m getting some major Obi-Wan vibes from this guy” during the scenes where they were all forced to leave Anatatevka and Tevye had to forbid contact from his daughter for marrying a Russian Orthodox Christian guy were common place throughout the entirety of the viewing.

According to Reynolds, “Although almost all of the characters reflected someone in Star War, which I really appreciated, there was a large lack in fight scenes. Especially ones with lightsabers. For that reason, I’m going to have to give the musical a 4.2 out of 10”.

Despite this relatively negative review, Reynolds is apparently now open to watching more movies, so don’t forget to check out the BUTT next week to hear Reynolds’ thoughts on Bong Joon-Ho's Parasite.

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