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JoJo Fan Suddenly Bisexual Now That Main Character is a Woman

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is gay. Not in a disparaging sense; essays have been written on how its flamboyant fashion, unorthodox poses, and plethora of beefcakes, hunks, twinks, and twunks are overall positive depictions of homo masculinity. Don’t look them up though, or, if you do, use AdBlock. This website is the only one you should be putting all your money towards, gaining all your info from. Anyway, with the recent Netflix adaptation of the lineage-spanning saga’s sixth part, Stone Ocean, many in the LGBT community are switching which letter they fall under thanks to the latest JoJo: Jolyne Cujoh. Gabriel Alls, a member of Binghamton’s Q Center, is among those who made the great migration from G to B in early December.

JoJo is an anime and manga written by Japanese tap water addict Hirohiko Araki that spans real life decades and in-story centuries. Following the Joestar family as they slap around people with musical names all because the vestiges of some asshole named DIO keeps popping up in increasingly unusual ways, the original ending involves DIO’s not-lovers trying to finish what he began. You have to capitalize his name, by the way. Their plan involves an unbelievably convoluted plot that involves former biker gang member Jolyne. (Or, rather, a would-be former biker gang member because they fucking cut that from her backstory in the anime, what the fuck.)

Caught up in a conspiracy for a crime she kind of committed, Jolyne is feminist writing at its finest. “I was initially turned away from Stone Ocean when it opened on Jolyne after she finished masturbating,” Gabriel admitted to The BUTT, “but I stayed around because she seemed pretty cool.” Cool became hot as the episodes progressed. “I don’t know what it is about her,” he said while twiddling his thumbs, “The lime green lipstick, her navel piercing, the Mickey Mouse buns… above all else, her personality. I first questioned my sexuality when I started JoJo since Jonathan Joestar’s tight crop top awakened something inside me. I never thought that his great-great-great-granddaughter would help me realize even more about myself.”

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