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BUTT Asks: How Are You Doing Thanksgiving This Year?

Ever since the CDC stated that people should not gather for Turkey Day, mainly due to the likelihood of a third influx of cases on the horizon, families have been scrambling to figure out how to celebrate the holiday with their loved ones. We decided to ask some students how their family would be partaking in the giving of thanks this year, even though there’s not a whole lot to be thankful for in 2020. We interviewed three students from diverse backgrounds (i.e from my sociology class); here’s what they had to say.

Joshua Stein

“I believe we’ll be using Zoom. My aunt says that she’ll be putting us in breakout rooms so that it doesn’t get too confusing, and I really hope that I don’t end up in the one with my insane uncle. If that happens, I’ll just tell her to make me host (she doesn’t know what that is), and I’ll mute him in the middle of his ramblings.

Micheal Wu

“I know this sounds really weird, but we’re going to be using VR Chat. Basically, my whole family owns VR headsets and are familiar with the tech, so I suggested that we could virtually represent ourselves in the game. I’m hoping to set everyone up with simple avatars like a turkey or a pilgrim, but I am worried that they’ll figure out how to change it into something else. I dread a Thanksgiving where my father is Peter Griffin, my mother is a life-sized Minion, and my cousin is an anime catgirl.

Billybob Jones

“Virtual Thanksgiving? Naw, we ain’t doing no ‘virtual Thanksgiving’. We ain’t no spineless libtards! How the hell would we shoot a damn turkey over Zoom? It is our American right to partake in this holiday as a family, even if it puts us all at risk for the virus. I assure you my grandpappy’s built different, and can shake off whatever this virus actually is."

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