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Bethesda and Taylor Swift Collaborate To Release Skyrim (Taylor’s Version)

Taylor Swift set the internet alight with her ten-minute version of “All too Well,” the smash hit off of her newest album, but she isn't resting on her laurels. In fact, she’s already moved onto her next project, and following collaborations with Chris Stapleton, Miles Teller, and Phoebe Bridgers, it’s no surprise that she’s partnered with Bethesda Game Studios on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Taylor’s Version). In a press release, Todd Howard, production design lead on the project, expressed his delight with their progress so far on the game, set to be released in early 2022.

“I know fans of both Taylor and high-fantasy RPGs have been waiting a long time for the next installments in our franchises,” he said, “and believe me, these updated versions of old products are exactly what you’ve been waiting for.” Howard refused to show any in-game footage at this point in time, but he did reveal that Swift herself had recorded several new shouts for the game, including “B’lankh Space,” which drains enemy Mana, “Love Story,” which prompts NPC characters to pursue marriage with the Dragonborn, and “Shake it Off,” which Howard insisted was totally not just a different sound effect for the classic “Force, Unrelenting Force” shout.

Swift, who serves as the head of creative design for the project, dismissed criticisms that this was an unnecessary release and claimed that it was so different it might as well be a completely original game. “I understand where those of you who feel as if the Dragonborn’s journey is complete and should be left as it is so the creative team can focus on the next story they’ll tell, but what was released in 2011 was not the whole truth. We needed to see this game remastered to 2021’s standards, not just in the technology used, and not just as a reflection of how much the storytellers have grown since then, but also because Skyrim was released two console generations ago and the royalty payment system in place at that time doesn’t extend to PS5 re-releases, so this way, we can funnel all the money directly to us.”

At press time, Howard and Swift were said to be meeting with Macy’s representatives to discuss the possibility of a remastered Thanksgiving.

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