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We're So Back (& What You Missed)

The website, that is! After so much further blood sacrifice that all we can taste is iron, the BUTimesTribune has been released from its WordPress shackles and can now exist on its own once more. What does this mean for you? Unless you’ve been using AdBlock at, you won’t be subjected to those pesky little bastards that want nothing more than to drain you of everything you’re worth! Plus, the original layout is quite nice if we do say do ourselves, and we do. It has everything you’ve been missing from the past few years of our online presence to copies of our Print Edition. Check it out now!

For those wondering where we've sought refuge, check out our WordPress! Wait, no, not that WordPress, the other one. We have two. Whoever ran off with the login credentials for the first is going to feel real sorry when we track'em down and wallop'em, let us tell you. It would've been so cool and it was such a pain in the ass to set up, made us look like complete and total chumps in front of the newbies. I hope you're fucking happy. God... God damn it. Anyway, find everything from the past few weeks right here: :D


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