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  • Ellie Campbell

These Students Found the Perfect DIY Project That You Can Do in Your Dorm!

With new COVID-19 regulations, students across campus have struggled to find ways to not remember the four most important years of our lives. But, as the Ivy of the SUNYs, our students stop at nothing to find solutions to this issue through ingenuity and the desire for alcohol.

Brothers of Alpha Alpha Alpha (or Triple Alpha, as they lovingly refer to their fraternity) have not let some trivial global pandemic stop them from having their fun. Jake Anderson, a junior studying business, brought in the BUTT to showcase their engineering feat: removing their bathroom door from its hinges, placing it on top of two desk chairs, and supporting it with Nike slides and prayer. The boys use the makeshift table to play pong on the weekends, shouting “Kobe!” and “Fire!” everytime they make a shot.

“We tried taking the closet door off the hinges first, but that didn’t have enough space for the fourth row of cups,” said Chad Smith, a junior studying engineering, when asked about how the frat developed their novel idea. “So we had Kyle take his bathroom door off so we could use it to play pong. Sure, it takes up the entire room, but we think it's totally worth it.”

We asked why AAA didn’t just buy a pong table off of Amazon, or literally any other local retailer, to which Hunter Miller, a junior studying biology, dismissed with, “That costs beer money though.”

The brothers gave final remarks on how their living situation hasn’t changed much despite a door missing from their bathroom. Apparently, they’re so comfortable walking in and out on each other that having a clear sightline to their toilet and shower 24/7 doesn’t make a difference in how they lived before.

It’s great to see our university’s camaraderie and resourcefulness!

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