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Studying Abroad in Ukraine? Here Are Some Travel Tips You Should Know (Brought To You By Raytheon)

President Stenger has recently announced a partnership with beloved American defense contractor Raytheon Technologies to publish a helpful guide for Binghamton University students who are studying abroad in Ukraine. Stenger hopes that this guide will "help students overcome, adapt, and survive the transition one must make when choosing to study abroad". The guide is set to go into print later this week, but President Stenger has granted The BUTT an exclusive early sneak peek.

Tip #1 – Don’t be in an active warzone.

Probably the most obvious tip. If your study abroad experience happens to be in a country that is currently at war, avoiding areas that are experiencing active combat and military operations will greatly increase your chances of survival.

Tip #2 – Befriend members of the local military.

In the event that the going gets rough and the city your program is based in needs to be evacuated, being a familiar face to a few members of the army can get you on a bus/boat/plane earlier than others. You certainly don’t want to be caught behind enemy lines.

Tip #3 – Befriend members of the enemy military.

In the worst-case scenario where you’ve found yourself behind enemy lines, don’t fret because Raytheon has you covered. Befriending the opposing military may get you a long way and help you avoid imprisonment, torture, or death. Things that can curry favor with the opposing side include sharing snacks with soldiers or offering intelligence and information.*

Tip #4 – Form a militia.

This is a riskier play but being part of a local militia gives you the opportunity to defend yourself. If all else fails, having a bit of combat training is better than having none! **

Tip #5 – Join the local military.

What better way to survive a war than being in the military? State-of-the-art weaponry, rigorous training, and working with other professionals will massively help you stay alive when the shooting starts. And of course, it goes without saying that there is nothing more patriotic than defending American interests thousands of miles away from American soil.

To unlock the rest of the tips, head over to Raytheon Technologies website and preorder the Raytheon Tech War Survival Guide for only $49.99. The guide also includes two complimentary MREs and a deluxe M4A1 rifle keychain.

Raytheon Technologies is currently looking for the best and brightest engineers to work for its research and development branch. Come help make the world a better place and the future a brighter one at Raytheon!

*Raytheon Technologies is not responsible for any charges of treason brought to any persons volunteering military information to the opposition.

**Raytheon Technologies is not responsible for any bodily injuries or potential death of any persons who join a militia, state sanctioned or otherwise.

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