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  • Ethan Rosenblum

Southern Tier Really C-Tier at Best

The Binghamton University Video Game Association released its 2020 New York State tier list this Wednesday, and the Southern Tier has been ranked in the C-tier. A representative of the club cited the weather as a major factor in their decision, with lack of sunshine reducing Vitamin D-deprived residents’ speed stats, in addition to the cold and rain leaving residents prone to sickness; and therefore giving them low defense stats. With Binghamton’s economy still reeling from the departure of IBM, it goes without saying that the area also has a fairly low-ranking recovery. One member of the club, junior David Hoilett, stated that he had argued in favor of a more generous B-tier placing for the region because he “really liked the vibes up here,” but changed his mind after Broome County passed its annoyance law in December, nerfing the area’s attack ability. “I didn’t want to hate this place, but they really don’t make it easy for you,” he said. Another student who wished to remain anonymous for fear of being ousted from the club claimed, “The Southern Tier really isn’t that bad, most people just don’t know the high-level techs, like which Wal-Mart is easiest to steal from.”

As for the rest of the VGA’s list, the top-ranking S-tier had only two occupants: New York City, with the obvious exceptions of Staten Island, the vast majority of Manhattan, and large parts of Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. The other was the campsite your family went to the summer before the divorce, when everyone was still happy and you could still believe in things. The A-tier was slightly more populated, including Niagara Falls, but not the rest of Buffalo, and select parts of the Ithaca region. The B-Tier was comprised of Westchester, Long Island, and pretty much everything else, which is to say, places people see on a map but cannot confirm actually exist. Still, most students agree they deserve to be ranked above the Southern Tier.

When reached for comment, Super Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai said that he understood the reasons given for the Tier ranking, but personally would have counted it as either a D or F-tier.

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