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  • Errol McElhenny

Professional Bowlers Association To Take Its Chances with Corona Virus

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

As multiple announcements have been released by professional sports organizations such as the MLB, NBA, and most recently the NHL, about their plans to suspend their seasons indefinitely, the PBA has reassured fans that Bowling will continue undisturbed by COVID-19. "This game is apocalypse proof" said Association spokesman and former South Eastern Chapter President Mark McEdelson. "They didn't call the Dust Bowl, the Dust Bowl for nothing. My ancestors played the game when life had basically ended in every capacity, so it's our duty to do the same." Many bowlers feel that the association has made the right choice on this matter. Tereasa-May Rielly spoke to reporters from The BUTT stating that she "doesn't want to live on a planet without bowling" and that to "remove ourselves from the game because of grave sickness is an insult to the hard work and focus required to love this beautiful game." The PBA will continue its operations indefinitely.

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