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  • Madison Cardiel

Mexican Alien Selling Detox Teas on Instagram

As influencers have become more prevalent over the past decade, so has the market for advertising beauty and fitness products with social media. Mexico’s up and coming Instagram star, the mummy (@delgadito1800), has recently advertised Flat Tummy Teas on his page. His post reads, “If you want to look like you’ve been dried out in the Andes for 1,800 years, you need to try Flat Tummy Teas! Get skinny fast!”

In response to accusations of promoting a culture of disordered eating and bulimia in young teens, the alien mummy responded, “I will not rest until every insecure child is abusing laxatives.”

The current detox tea scandal is not the mummy’s first run into controversy. A video recently resurfaced of the alien stating that, “I was the one who thought of those Spanish smallpox blankets.” Later on, the mummy clarified that, “I was only joking. Things were different back then- it was satire. God, doesn’t anybody get satire anymore?”

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