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  • Christina Levinson

Hot New Startup Offers Vape-Friendly Surgical Masks

With the onset of sickness scares, it appears that the surgical mask industry is a profitable investment in the eyes of all capitalist opportunists. These products were unfortunately unpopular among the college student demographic, due to the surgical mask’s incompatibility with vape pens –– until now!

Vape Masks LLC, a new startup based in Vestal, NY, has revolutionized the surgical mask market with its new vape-friendly surgical masks, so students can stay healthy while still being able to get that nicotine rush 30x per day. With an ingenious design and a witty catchphrase – “Get Nic, Not Sick!” – it’s no wonder that this product has gone viral with the kids.

Company founder and Vestal native Jared Paulson, 23, told the BUTT that investment and development of cutting-edge technology was necessary to produce the high-quality masks that the company has put on the market.

“It was a lot of trial and error, and the pressure was on now that this coronavirus thing was scaring white people,” Paulson said. “But, we decided on a model that allowed for more holes in the mask as well as thinner material in order to still keep the semblance of a barrier while providing easy access to Juuls. While regular surgical masks are super thick and keep out any sort of moisture, ours allow moisture in incredibly easily to ensure that each rip is just as satisfactory as one without a mask on.”

Paulson also claims that these masks will allow for the safer sharing of vape pens because of the thin barrier between the masks and the juul.

“Germs don’t wanna crawl through the mask, that’s too much work for them,” he said. “Because of our unique design, only the vapor from each pen will be released into the mask. It doesn’t matter if you’re already sick!”

Customers have posted rave reviews of this product, and are happy that something can finally satisfy their needs to stay away from getting sick so they can get popcorn lung and lung cancer in peace.

“I love Vape Masks, they really protect me from illness while still letting me feed my addiction,” wrote Samantha Smith, a 21-year-old junior at Binghamton University. “I’ve only gotten the flu like twice since having it, but I think that’s just a fluke!”

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