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Climate Scientists Warn That Bearcats will be Endangered by Apocalyptic Climate Change

BINGHAMTON, NY — Researchers from Binghamton University’s Environmental Science Department have released a study demonstrating that the catastrophic effects of climate change will have a disastrous effect on Bearcats as well.

“When the earth has croaked, where will the bearcats live? You tell me!” said lead researcher Dr. William Abbi who lead the project through 8 months of intensive research.

“It was really simple actually, we looked at the globe one night and thought, ‘well that’s all done for' and then it struck me weeks later that the globe is where the bearcats live, and it only holds that all bearcats will be in danger.” he recounted to reporters from The BUTT.

The study has been received with minimal criticism, with even President Harvey Stenger referring to the study’s conclusion as “A fair point.” Scientists from the research group hope that this study convinces many to begin taking climate change more seriously, and advocating for reform.

For more stories on cute little bearcats, stay tuned to The BUTT, Binghamton University's only source for NEWS.

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