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Chris Wallace Hired by Twitch as Head Chat Moderator

After Chris' stunning performance two nights ago, Twitch reached out to him with an opportunity to be head of moderating all of Twitch chat.

"We loved his breadth of patience with Trump's constant interruptions; it's just what we need for dealing with chats repeatedly bullying their own streamers for entertainment rather than " commented Doug Kotts, the head of HR.

Twitch plans to give special moderation tools to Chris, notably the ability to send messages to every chat at once, so that he can repeatedly spam "GENTLEMEN, PLEASE" at every viewer who sends a PogChamp during a PauseChamp moment or accuses their streamer of lying with Kapp.

Chris believes this is a better way to keep chatters in check rather than timing them out or banning them, even though trial runs show chatters simply spam back his warnings as "G OMEGALUL NTLEMEN, PLEASE."

There are two more presidential debates to come in this race, and with Twitch as a growing platform for general viewers, Chris now holds the responsibility to mediate all three of Biden, Trump, and Twitch chat.

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