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  • David Belkin

Charlie D’Amelio Gatekept from Working at Walmart (NEVER BEFORE SEEN INFO!)

LOS ANGELES, CA— Celebrity influencer Charlie D’Amelio’s employment at her local Walmart and the subsequent TikToks she filmed there have become the talk of the internet this past week. In filming TikToks of herself on duty at her new minimum wage job, D’Amelio has left many fans lost and in incorrect aisles of the store for her co-workers to reorganize. The now infamous digital shorts featured the influencer in-uniform, name-tag and all, as she stocked shelves, worked the register, and as she watched on from afar and in relief while other employees were heard off-screen cleaning a men’s bathroom. Responses left on her video and posts made to social media site X (formerly Twitter) represented an overwhelmingly negative critical reception toward D’Amelio’s actions. Many users on X felt that D’Amelio’s employment at Walmart came at the expense of the working class and her attitude during it felt “very out of-touch.” In fact, many current Walmart employees in the wake of D’Amelio’s hire have begun to question whether Walmart will let just about anybody work there. The continued backlash from shoppers has made Walmart and Charlie D’Amelio come to regret their partnership.

During her employment at Walmart, new hire Charlie D’Amelio had begun to pick up on resentment and anti-work sentiment from her Walmart coworkers. Evidently, while many Walmart employees are unionizing and striking in hopes of receiving more benefits from the corporation, D’Amelio reportedly doesn’t see the need for such rash measures. “These guys are really pushing for a dental plan,” she spoke in an exclusive interview. Continuing: “But I’m like, ‘Enough with the dental plan.’ I mean, my dental plan is to brush twice a day and end with mouthwash. I’m not sure where Walmart is involved in any of this anyway.” D’Amelio took great pride in working for Walmart and commented that she “couldn’t imagine anyone going on strike,” at a corporation whose store managers throw occasional congratulatory pizza parties like the one she attended in the break-room this past Thursday, which she would go on to describe as “lit,” and as “a movie.” In hopes of recovering from this recent onslaught of bad publicity, Walmart is instituting “Sensory-Friendly Hours” from 8 to 10AM, where all locations will dim their lighting, turn off all display television sets, and refrain from using their loudspeakers.

At press time, whichever genius PR consultant found a way for the corporation to generate good publicity and save electricity money at the same time is reportedly receiving a massive raise.

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