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  • Gabby Cafaro

Are You a Bad Person?

Updated: Mar 31

I’ve posed the question to students on campus “Hey, what pisses you off?”and have compiled a checklist of wretched things people have witnessed and continue to do. Have you ever encountered a horrible person? Just plain evil? Find out if YOU have ever been that awful person on campus who everyone despises by taking this quiz.

Check off the following if you…

□ Skipped the line at NOWL

□ Walked at a slow pace anywhere

□ Had your headphones in at Einsteins' so they had to call your order 7 times

□ Been mean to any of the dining hall staff

□ Being shirtless when playing any sport on the Dickinson Quad

□ Talk on the phone in the library

□ Cut in line to get on shuttle then not scanning your ID

□ When fellow bus goers refuse to move down to make room on a crowded bus

□ Acts differently around a group of people to elicit a certain response

□ Laughs when someone drops their food in the dining hall

□ Walk on the left side of the sidewalk but having to curve around the person

because neither of you knowing which direction to go

□ Not set a timer when doing laundry

□ Took someone’s wet clothes out of the washer as soon as the time hits zero

□ Joined a frat

□ Identify as a man and wear flip flops to class

□ Had stubble? Just grow a beard.

□ Left trash behind on dining hall table

□ Dyed your hair in communal shower

□ Students who only have class on Tuesday/Thursdays

□ Students who have no class on Friday

□ Own an electric scooter and don't know how to use it

□ Talk loudly in class when its quiet

□ Sat in the seat someone has sat in for the whole semester

□ Ask redundant questions during lecture

□ Didn't smile back at someone you had class with

□ When there's a line at the register at any dining hall and people don't split off into

two separate lines on either side of the register

□ Refused to hold the door for someone behind you

□ Took the elevator one flight up

□ Said you, “hate freshmen” as a sophomore

□ Stopped talking to your class friend for no reason

□ Consistently going to Appalachian dining hall when you do not live in


□ Stood in line for the London Broil

□ Randomly spit while walking

□ Complaining about dining hall food in front of workers (they can hear you)

□ Work at the gym (all you do is sit there and get paid?!)

□ Are in a relationship

□ Are in a relationship and take classes with your significant other

□ Type loudly

- If you scored anywhere between 0-8…

I trust your intentions for the most part. We are all human and bound to make mistakes!

- If you scored anywhere between 8-16…

You kinda suck. I wouldn't go out of my way to talk to you. Ignorance is bliss.

- If you scored anywhere between 16-24…

I have definitely complained about your existence to others. Do better.

- If you scored anywhere between 24-32

I don't trust you. At all. GET AWAY FROM ME.

- If you scored anywhere between 32-40…

YOU ARE HORRIBLE. Down right evil. How do you have any friends? Are they blind? Do you even go here? If you do, you should probably transfer…for the greater good.

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