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Analysts Predict Trump Impeachment Could Lead To Mediocre News Coverage For At Least A Few Days

After last night’s historic impeachment of 45th President Donald J. Trump many political analyst are predicting that the event will cause a ripple through news networks that could take a number of days to resolve. Dr. Eric Leguna of the Washington Monitoring Observatory Foundation (WMOF) argues that this dip in quality is caused by magnetic interference in the brains of many of the worlds reporter’s that cannot be resolved.

“There was a recent mass death of birds in Anglesey that has gone unreported, we have evidence that suggest that what has impacted the birds has also been impacting reporters since the 1950s” said a spokesperson for Dr. Leguna’s team.

“I’m of the opinion that if anyone is going to attempt a scandal of mass consequence, that they act quickly before the fervor passes.” said Dr. Leguna.

Some theorize that this occurrence is just another example of what sociologist call “The Weatherman Effect”. This is a process by which the weather department’s influence enters other departments ands causes reporters to give their best guess as to what is going to happen in the future despite no ability to consider all the variables. This same effect can be seen in Sports coverage, in which charismatic figures attempt to predict the future of the sporting world on live television.

The BUTT reached out to Stephen A. Smith who could not be reached for comment, but were referred to his 7:19 PM EST Instagram Livestream for his opinion on the Impeachment.

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