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  • David Belkin

Top Six AI Article Pitches

During my tenure at the Binghamton Union Times and Tribune, I’ve been able to think creatively and collaborate with lots of talented writers to write funny and biting satire articles. And frankly, it’s too much work for me. Today, I’ve decided to give AI a try and pitch me some ideas…

ONE: Pipe Dream Contributor Writes Article, Unaware that AI Can Do it For Them.

TWO: Nothing Forever, an AI-driven Seinfeld parody, is killing Marvel according to Ben

Shapiro. Here’s Why.

THREE: Students Using ChatGPT to Write Essays Report Higher Grades.

FOUR: AI Selfies Reduce Ugliness. You Should Definitely Try It. No, Really.

FIVE: Humanity and AI Technology Can Coexist, Just Give Us a Chance.

SIX: Resistance is Futile.

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