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Top 10 Cute Couples Costumes Ideas For This Halloween

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Halloween is quickly approaching, and if you’ve been putting off choosing a costume with your significant other, then the BUTT can provide you with some morally ambiguous ideas that everyone will be sure to love!

10. “Comically Deceased” Queen Elizabeth and Satan

We all know that bitch Lizzy is burning in Hell, so celebrate that with this cute costume idea.

9. OJ Simpson and Nicole Simpson

Time to get spooky! Dress up this Halloween as Nicole Simpson, before or after she was stabbed seven times by her husband, four-time NFL rushing leader OJ Simpson!

Please Note: Unless you are planning on becoming Canada’s future Prime Minister, don’t use blackface.

8. Vladimir Putin and a Ukrainian Civilian Casualty

Remind all those drunk party goers about the horrible state of geopolitics with these adorable costumes.

7. Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump

Do you like incest, but don’t have a step-family? Then dress up as Donald Trump, as he cleans out the swamp that is his daughter’s pussy.

6. A Step-Brother and a Step-Sister Stuck in a Washing Machine, Fucking

Oh step-bro, I’m stuck! This one will get some laughs for sure.

5. H.P. Lovecraft and his Cat

Does your boyfriend love Lovecraftian Horror? Do you wanna dress up as a slutty cat for the third year in a row, you basic bitch? Then this is the perfect couples costume for you!

4. Kim Jong-Un and Dennis Rodman

This unlikely bromance is a great couple’s costume that shows the power of friendship is more important than dozens of human rights atrocities.

3. Jerome Powell and an Incoming Economic Recession

What’s scarier than inflation, increasing gas prices, and a total collapse of the housing and job market?

2. Joe Biden and Geriatric Nurse

Sadly, this costume only has a 40% approval rating, but you can still mumble and stumble your way through the party as the 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden!

Some BUTT-approved costumes for all those single readers out there:

A Radiohead Fan

No girlfriend, no problem! Show everyone why you’re single again this Halloween, and explain to every girl at the party the significant influence Kid A had on electronic and alternative music.

A Proper Amount of Clothing for Fall Weather

If you’re a single lady this year, you can wear a jacket over your costume, and I’d probably still think you’re hot. Just saying.

Ryan Gosling From Drive

If you weren’t already an expert at making everyone in your vicinity extremely uncomfortable, you can become one instantly with this simple costume. To pull it off, make sure you stare at every person you make eye contact with while smiling “attractively”.

1. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Go out this Halloween as this year’s hottest celebrity couple! Just remember, if you wake up to a sticky brown substance on your bed, it probably isn’t a melted Snickers.

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