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  • David Belkin

Red Flags That the "Slutty Cop" at the Bar is Actually an Op

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

It is a truism that criminals are more likely to commit crimes while under the belief that cops aren’t in the room. This phenomenon is what has led to the rise of cops going undercover. Often, this involves going to donut shops, then looking for wanted felons in vain at the bottom of each donut box. On Halloween, going undercover can be as simple as dressing as a slutty female cop and attending college parties. So to prevent your night from turning from scary to scarier, here are some of the biggest red flags that the slutty cop you’re talking to at the bar is actually an undercover cop.

Hearing about crimes you’ve committed in the past and gotten away with really turns her on

Sure, lots of girls like bad boys. But if she gets excited by times where you committed hit-and-runs or petty theft, she might be trying to get you to incriminate yourself. Ditto for invasive questions regarding your browsing history.

If she talks a lot about her squad

She could be talking about her police squad. Especially if says she accidentally slips in conversation by saying she has “eyes on the perp" rather than asking if you want to try a perc (which can also be a red flag in and of itself depending on how they ask the question).


Lots of women enjoy using handcuffs during sexual acts. Believe it or not, many police officer costumes come with a set of handcuffs included. So if she wants to handcuff you, don’t panic. Once she stops responding to the safe word — then you should begin to worry.

If you catch her planting drugs on minority citizens

Cops do that sometimes. Always make sure that whichever illegal drugs in your pocket are your own.

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