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  • Graham Young

Overloaded, Overheated Zuckerberg Glitches Out During Congressional Hearing

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg experienced technical difficulties during a Senate hearing on Facebook’s humanoid AI projects, quickly overheating and muttering incomprehensible nonsense in binary code.

“L-let me just t-take a sip of water, l-like a normal human d-does”, reportedly mumbled Zuckerberg, who promptly not only overheated, but began to emit sparks.

Zuckerberg soon recovered, but suffered apparent damage to his central processing unit as well as his speech cortex, responding to questions in an endless loop of binary code.

“One Zero One One Zero Zero One One One One One One Zero One. Zero. One. Zero”.

Facebook executives were quick to suggest adjourning the hearing so the Facebook CEO could take a nice nap in the lab.

At press time, Facebook employees were rumored to have no idea what went wrong, or how they could debug a totally-normal entirely-human being executive.

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