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  • David Belkin

Here's What These Graduating Seniors Have to Say About Their Time at BU

Inspired by the #HumansofBinghamton hashtag on Binghamton University’s main Instagram page, I, too, wanted to highlight students who are graduating this week in a similar series. I interviewed several graduates and asked them to share the wisdom they’ve honed during their time at this extraordinary university — here are their responses.

Corrina Wilkinson, Biology Major: “To think that only four years ago, I had forty-thousand more dollars.”

Sterling Stevens, SOM Graduate: “One morning I woke up hungover with a Bachelor’s degree in one hand and a couple of laminated business cards covered in White Claw in the other.”

Oscar Golden, Film Major: “It’s an honor just to be nominated.”

Franklin Smith, Mathematics Major: “I’ll never forget the four years I’ve spent at this university. That’s where the therapy comes in.”

Reed A. Buch, English Major: “Anyone hiring? Anyone at all? Seriously?”

Mia Romeo, School of Dentistry Graduate: “Turns out they don’t hand dental students their degrees. As soon as we pass, they just magically appear hung up on the wall of our future office. It’s a dentist thing.”

Paul DePaula, Electrical Engineering Major, Prospective Technical Supervisor at Lockheed Martin: I can’t wait to see how what I’ve learned in my Gen Ed History of Bulgarian Theatre course will assist me in building missiles.”

Janine Green, Environmental Science Major: “It’s already far too late.”

Baxter Bearcat, Mascotology Major: “It will be sad to see everyone go. Remember, the more you donate, the more of an alumni you are. You want to be an alumni, don’t you? Maybe you want a hallway named after you? Students could be late to lecture walking through your hallway! Again, really sad.”

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