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Emergency Meeting Called in PSYC 473 Zoom

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. — The university’s “Investigating a Crime” seminar had been shaken by a call of an emergency meeting in a Zoom call earlier this afternoon. Professor Polus decided a good hands-on way for his students to properly understand criminal minds was to exercise both perspectives of a crime, through the recently popular murder mystery game Among Us. After the first few games, the players became familiar with typical group meetings, called only when somebody finds a dead body. However, the unexpected press of this red button had thrown a wrench into the professor’s plans as the call erupted into chaos and discord.

Sam and Minnie, the two Imposters from last round, assured their peers that they were Crewmates this time, claiming that the emergency meeting was called to distract the team from the actual murderers.

“I can’t fucking believe it, I’m actually being Reided right now,” cried Jackson, who’s been voted off after a shockingly brief questioning, despite having been cleared by the MedBay scanner.

Brendan, the one who actually called the emergency meeting, never got the chance to explain his reason for convening, as his classmates were too busy shouting over him.

At present, we continue to follow the story as Jackson’s character floats off into space. The game has just reported that there are still two imposters remaining among the class. The Zoom students promptly mute to proceed with the next round of the game, but not without Jackson cursing them out first.

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