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  • Tristan Awayan

You Won't BELIEVE What Seasonal Stunt Joe Biden Pulled to Get Last Minute Voters!

In order to secure the weeaboo bloc as well as keep up with current events, Joe Biden has chosen to dress up as iconic anime character Jotaro Kujo for Halloween! This image was snapped during a photoshoot earlier this morning, and shows off his staff's excellent attire management as well as revealing a surprisingly fit and youthful man underneath his usual suits and jackets.

"As JoJo Biden, I call on all of you to take a Stand and vote!" is what he said at a press conference following this photoshoot, which is only marginally better than Hillary's 2016 Pokemon GO reference. Either way, we believe this move will get lazy weebs off their asses and vote next Tuesday, on the chance they haven't already gone to vote early or sent in a mail-in ballot!

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