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You May Have Missed These Fact Check Points in the Debate!

The presidential debate may have happened only one week ago, but it’s still worth some scrutiny, despite how painful it was to rewatch for verifying points. Previous news networks discussed the blunders, the points made, the slow yet tragic death of the American government as we know it, everything. However, in this day of fake news and misinformation, people don’t know what the truth is behind some of the more minute points made in the debate, and what isn’t. That’s what this article is here for.

You may have seen the debate and heard Biden say it, or probably even saw your aunt put something about it on Facebook. Either way, mostly everyone knows that Biden called Trump “a clown” during the debate. Many people disagree with this statement, many agree. I’m here to tell you that there is nothing to agree or disagree about this comment, it’s a blatant lie. The audience can clearly see a lack of colored wig and red nose on Trump, which shows the inaccuracy of Biden’s statement. Skeptical viewers may admit that Trump might just have been off duty for the night, which explains the lack of makeup, but our checkers are here to bring up the fact that he never even went to clown school. Everyone knows that you can’t be a clown if you never went to clown school. Consider this an intentional move or a misstep from Biden, but this is a blatant lie told live on air.

Now it’s time to fact check everyone’s favorite president: President Trump. During what’s supposed to be a discussion of the current political climate, somehow the topic of drug use in family members came up. I don’t really know how that came up, it just did. Anyway, Trump called out Biden’s son who had done cocaine at some point. This has led people to many different conclusions. Some see this as a callback to Season 3, when Trump’s brother died of a drug addiction problem. Others see this as a mishap from behind the show, where the writers “kind of forgot” about his brother. Either way, maybe we’ll have our answer by the end of the season.

Even the most eagle eyed viewers may have missed this one. At some point in the debate, Biden moved his head up and then down. This is a nod.

Finally, there’s the moment that everyone is talking about. When asked if he can denounce white supremacists, Trump refuses. This is a subtle nod to the fact that he is, in fact, a racist, and he won’t denounce his own voters. Afterall, his voters are the reason why he’s the president now, because that’s how elections work.

And there’s still a chance he might win the election.


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