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Woops! I Stayed Inside for Three Days Straight, and Have Lost Touch With All Recent Events!

How has everyone’s first full week of being all-online been? Is “everyone” even a thing that exists anymore? I, personally, have been THRIVING with the utter lack of human contact!

I recall one moment of solidarity, when I was in a discussion Zoom call where the only ones who had their cameras open were the professor, me, and two classmates. One of my classmates felt awkward about being the only four people to have their webcams on, so they turned it off and we all followed in suit! Even the professor joined in, turning the whole class into a glorified voice call - the camaraderie was off the charts in that moment.

In addition, I've been able to find new napping spots in my room! The floor is a surprising change of pace from sleeping in the same bed; it reminds me of the times last semester I would sleep on the floor of the Bartle North Reading Room at 3 in the morning, and keeps me from getting cabin fever.

These three straight days with absolutely no human contact outside my roommates has taught me something - satirizing is HARD when you're not out and about. Sometimes the online discourse is just so far past reality that it's hard to apply them in an article, especially when trying to think locally in Binghamton. But the content demands it, so we here at the BUTT will keep on grinding out words as best we can!

Stay tuned, BUTTheads!

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