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  • Tristan Awayan

Wait, There Was a Debate Last Night?

Just under 24 hours ago, the two presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden had their second and final presidential debate before Election Day on November 3rd.

The debate was quite tame, which made it fly straight under the BUTTs satire radar. After learning about it earlier today, I've decided to skim through the debate's VoD and see if there's anything juicy there:

Huh. The promise of muting microphone seemed like it would be funny. Turns out Trump didn't want to look like even more of a clown and never really tried to talk over his mute. But boy wouldn't it have been funny to hear his audio from Biden's microphone across the stage!

Oh, and both candidates seem to be chill with fracking, but Biden promises to transition away from it in order to secure some more electoral votes while keeping up appearances of progressive climate policy.

Overall, looks like this debate doesn't seem to really change much in terms of swaying votes so close to Election Day - it just seems like a repeat of the first debate, but with less sauce. I'm rating it a 3/5 on my Letterboxd.

That concludes the BUTT's coverage on the debate!

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