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Restaurant Week: Marketplace Edition

After the lack of an actual cash refund by Binghamton Food Services last semester, I still have about 800 dollars of rollover funds to burn in my Meal Plan. This week marks Binghamton’s famous restaurant week, so what’s a better way to spend my fake money than by using it at the many restaurants right on campus? Today, I will try the cuisine of every establishment within the Marketplace. My plan is to order nearly every item on each menu, even the ones that are not typically ordered by most students. Who knows, maybe I’ll find some hidden gems? I cannot wait to explore the diverse tastes and culinary crafts that the Marketplace has to offer!

Cakes and Eggs

I started the day off with a hearty breakfast at Cakes and Eggs. I ordered one of each breakfast sandwich (sausage, bacon, and vegetarian), three eggs (scrambled), some hash browns, and a large coffee. I assumed that the vegetarian sandwich would have some vegetables, but it was just egg and cheese. Everything was pretty good, but I noticed that my scrambled eggs were slightly discolored, so I decided not to eat all of them.

I give Cakes and Eggs 7 eggs out of 10

The Bearcat Bakery

Next, I decided to try the newly opened Bearcat Bakery, which is right across from Cakes and Eggs. They had a very scrumptious pumpkin pie, which I washed down with some hot cider. It was a very sweet and wholesome finale to my breakfast.

I give The Bearcat Bakery 9 Bearcat bear claws out of 10

Chick N Bap

I then went a little off the beaten path and dined at a little known hidden gem called Chicken Bap. There, I ordered a custom bowl with everything they had to offer (all of the meats and the toppings), with a generous slathering of their signature bap sauce on top. It wasn’t all that bad, but the bap had too much spice and not enough mayo, for my taste. I also had to take a trip over to the Marketplace restroom as the bap did not sit well with me.

I give Chick N Bap 6 and a half baps out of 10

Red Mango

Upon exiting the bathroom, I noticed the perfect opportunity to cleanse my palette (and flush my digestive system) of the bap sauce. I ordered up an SPK (a spinach, pineapple and kale). However, they seemed to be having some sort of problem with the blender. They could not blend up the pineapple due to it not fitting in the blender. In the end, I settled for some freshly squeezed orange juice.

I give Red Man Go 5 scoops of protein powder out of 10

Coppertop Pizzeria

For some reason, I began craving some good Italian food, like Mama used to make it. The tantalizing smell of grease, oil, and mozzarelle beckoned me. I decided to try a bunch of different menu options, as everyone only knows Coppertop for their pizzas. I ordered a calzone, buffalo chicken mac and cheese, chicken broccoli alfredo, a pasta with meatballs, and a slice of chicken bacon ranch. It took them a while to prepare these items, and I sensed that the Coppertop kitchen was judging me as they called out each item on my order. I hoped that the food would make up for the poor customer service, but almost everything was disappointing. I was not given a heaping bowl of delicious spaghetti and meatballs, but instead a soup of macaroni, red sauce, and parmesan with a metallic aftertaste.

I give Copper-not Pissarhea 3 mama mias out of 10

Tully’s University

I thought I would be all greased out after that disappointment, but my appetite was still unsated. Suddenly, I realized what I had wanted this whole time, but had completely forgotten about. I wanted Tully’s. I got on line and prepared myself, watching the busy line cooks prepare order after order. I couldn’t wait to have not just the “the best chicken tenders on earth”, but chicken every way possible. I finally reached the front of the line, and when asked what I wanted to order, all I could think to say was “I want everything.”

The entire Tully’s team immediately stopped what they were doing, and looked at me in disbelief. I shrugged and simply swiped my card, after the cashier rang up every item on the menu.

I give Tully’s 10 good times out of 10

Do I regret what I’ve done?

Well, here I am eating an All American Rice Bowl on the toilet, in the Marketplace bathroom. Overall, I was hoping to get to every Marketplace restaurant, but I realize that feat would be impossible within a day, let alone a week. My journey will take months to complete, but some day, I will have consumed each and every menu item available to me within the Marketplace, or will do so until the last dining dollar on my Meal Plan runs out.

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