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Professors Tasked to Re-Learn Entire Education Management System Despite Still Struggling With Zoom


After 20 years with Blackboard, Binghamton University announced its plans to shift faculty to a new management suite, Brightspace, for Spring 2021. Much to everyone's chagrin, this website features twice the amount of broken links and the same long loading times. Professors have already criticized the fact that they will have to learn how to use this new interface while still struggling with Zoom, another imperative part of our modern instruction format.

"I've just been copying over my Blackboard class page from previous semesters for 10 years straight, building up an impressive hub of resources, announcements, and coursework!" says Professor Collins. "Now you're telling me I have to figure out how to mess with the god damn links again, while I still don't know how to do breakout rooms??"

Students who participated in the trail run for this software also have complaints, albeit from a different perspective. When asking fellow sophomore Kate Jackson's input on the situation, we got the reply "Is this what we're spending our budget on? It doesn't seem like much of a change... I guess the buttons look more modern. I want to say the mobile version is a lot better, but this would ruin my aversion to change."

On brighter news, it seems like D2L, the company behind Brightspace, has gotten a fat influx of investors from the Binghamton Finance Department. Blackboard left in the dust again, from its shitty UI to its inability to secure a continued license!

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