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  • Daniel Carter

Pete Buttigieg Opens up to Voters, Reflects on Struggle of Killing Small Animals for Pleasure

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Speaking in front of a crowd of supporters in New Hampshire, presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg got candid about his past and the struggles he’s overcome. The presidential hopeful spoke in detail, namely about his upbringing and his long battle with his temptations to kill small animals and keep their bodies as trophies.

“When I was a kid I remember running into my kitchen, right up to my mom, and I was holding this squirrel” Buttigieg said, reflectively. “I said ‘mommy, look what I can do!’ and then I snapped its neck. She screamed and I laughed. I now know that was very wrong.”

He further recounted throwing rocks at birds nests during nesting season and his time in the Navy, where he hunted the most dangerous game: Man. According to Buttigieg, he hopes that his story will resonate with voters and encourage them to put their faith in his campaign.

However, not all voters were persuaded. One attendee, Marla Pattingham, had this to say, “I liked his honesty about his past faults, that really showed me he wants to improve. However, that was all sort of undercut when he got off the stage and immediately sucked the soul out of this woman’s baby. Regardless, we should have a moderate in the White House!”

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