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Now For Our Mandated Sports Article of the Semester

A senior player on the Binghamton Soccer Cadettes, Darren “Wet Phish” Docket has found himself in charge of a bunch of college babies. We sat down with the star keeper to see what it’s like to succeed as the only person on the team who is older than everyone else.

Docket, an upper bound, Bostonian, averaged an all time high .03 goals last season and gives that number a lot of significance for his game plan going forward.

“As a goalie, I usually stay in net for the majority of the game.” said Docket. “But scoring that goal has really motivated me to open up my offensive options. I’m inching out of that rectangle just a little more each day and I’ve already reached midfield in quite a few games.”

When asked if that helps his team win, Docket had quite the insightful response, “I’ve found that if we score more goals, we win more games. I’m more than willing to let a few balls slip past me if it means I can shoot on net a few more times.”

“Basically, I want to prove that despite being the most experienced member of the team, that doesn’t mean I’ll be a good leader or player.” Docket continued, “It’s just so much pressure. Why can’t we be regarded as underdogs by optimists again?”

Docket plans to work as an investment banker and never touch a soccer ball after college.

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