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  • Tristan Awayan

I Can't Wait for Everything to Return to Normal in 2021!

The optimist in me can't believe that we are less than 60 days away from January 1st. 2021, the day in which everything in the world will return back to normal! I really just can't wait for the world to rewind back to what it looked like in late 2019.

This year has been an absolutely crazy one, most generally in part of the Covid-19 pandemic and the 2020 U.S. Presidential election. Those two events appear to leak into many of the other strange circumstances we find ourselves in, such our new socially distanced operation of Binghamton University. That being said, I'm excited for these last two months to pass when the vaccine will be deployed and delivered to everyone at the same time, resulting in an instant end to mask restrictions/social distancings. Frankly, I'm most excited for theaters to open back up - I'm hype to watch the next 14 Marvel movies with the BOYS next year!

As I'm writing this now, it also seems like Biden is on track for winning the U.S. presidency, so that's another thing to return to normal next year! Once Joey B gets sworn in on January, I'm sure all the echoes of fascism and wild right wing media will fade away instantly without any repercussions on the American conscience! Sigh, it'll be just like old times where the public wasn't so broadly and deeply aware of our rooted socioeconomic issues.

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