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  • Justine Hudock

Floor Group Chat Slowly Turning Living Community Into Kibbutz

Residents of the north-campus Adirondack apartment community have submitted an official request to secede from Binghamton University ResLife. According to those familiar with the matter, the document details the residents' designs for total independence, citing the community's more successful operation as a self-sufficient kibbutz.

"It was the 'next phase' we were all looking for," said Adirondack resident Aidan Gold. "The building's GroupMe was full of people initializing mutually beneficial trades. A roll of cigarette paper for a dozen white eggs; one personal training session for a practicum in flossing. That’s how it got started.

“Even during in-person building meetings, we were developing these really obvious themes of cooperation of production, and the mindful consumption and performance of services done in the immediate community. By the time we decided to transform the dirt island between our parking spaces into a rhubarb garden, we were gone."

Should the secession pass, with that announcement slated for March 5th, the city of Binghamton is expected to receive the Trump Administration’s recognition as Israel's functional capital.

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