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  • Tristan Awayan

College Moderates Feeling a Little Left Out

Binghamton University’s campus has seen its fair share of charged political confrontations these recent weeks: two major incidents saw conservative organizations attempting to organize and speak on their viewpoints, with progressive activist groups reacting with protests against these events. Needless to say, college moderates could not help but feel a sense of exclusion from the polarizing nature of these events and lack of attention to their middle ground.

“The tension between conservative and liberal perspectives has been growing in recent years, but there was always a silver lining we could find and exploit to claim the moral high ground,” admitted one interviewed student. “Now, we have to choose between actively harming other people or making everyone feel safe and protected! Like, why can’t we settle for a compromise of making only some people feel unsafe these days?”

Conservative students actually considered including some moderate students in their earlier narrative of giving out hot chocolate in the first event, but decided against it as they claimed that moderates may have wanted to give passersby warm chocolate instead. Likewise, progressives did not accept this group as there was a possibility that they would try to reduce the volume of their protest chants to a stern talking-to.

Moderates in the university attempted to table their own event on campus, and discuss the enlightened perspective that comes with centrism. However, since there’s no SA chartered organization that aligns with their views, they had no claim to reserve an area on The Spine to talk about their lack of spines.

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