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CDC Updates Guidelines to Include Fall Guys Jinxed

Fall Guys has had a meteoric rise as hot new game of the summer, and everyone's looking for tips on how to win any and every minigame so they can get their first or thirtieth crown with confidence.

Jinxed is one of the game's less popular maps due to its polarizing design; the minigame consists of two teams with 1 jinxed player each, the goal for the jinxed to infect as many opponents as possible and the goal for the non-jinxed to avoid being grabbed at all costs. The first team to get completely jinxed is removed from the match entirely. With a 50% lobby retention, a brutal elimination rate shared only with Fall Ball, some politicians say they are more than willing to accept these losses for the sake of speeding up the game and getting remaining players closer to the crown.

Despite this, players will be pleased to hear the CDC has provided these critical tips to get the maximum amount of people qualified for next round:

  1. Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after you had just been traveling through Slime Climb, or after grabbing another Fall Guy.

  2. Put 6 feet of distance between yourself and people who aren’t in your party. This can get hard with Jinxed's map size being as cramped as U.S. high schools reopening this month, so just try your best.

  3. You don’t actually have to wear a mask, since Fall Guys don't have mouths or noses. Jinxed is not a respiratory infection, just a social one. (note: wearing a mask in real life puts you at risk for being a victim of both.)

If Jinxed cases are minimized by following these rules, then the average lobby can get a lot more people closer to the crown than ever. Then again, the CDC also reported recently that 94% of Jinxed losses are actually due to preexisting conditions, such as your teammates being dogshit stupid. With that in mind, hopefully you just luck out and get good teammates or avoid this crappy map entirely!

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