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AOC to Become Full Time Streamer After Reaching Record Numbers on Twitch

Last night, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reached the highest initial viewcount of any beginning Twitch streamer, hovering around 435,000 concurrent viewers at its peak. After achieving such success, AOC has expressed that she may be considering continuing this career and dropping her current position in the House of Representatives.

"I just really connected with Twitch and its community. When I made a guest appearance on a charity stream of a Donkey Kong speedrun last year, I knew that I would be coming back." From our interview, AOC here is referring to the charity event hosted by Hbomberguy last year, which was her first main appearance on the Twitch platform. "I just wasn't expecting to get such a warm welcome when I streamed for myself last night!"

Her debut stream consisted only of playing Among Us with other top streamers, but AOC has previously mentioned her days of playing League in the past. We speculate that she's going to duo queue with Bernie Sanders, another prominent congressional streamer, next week.

Unfortunately, the Twitch Affiliate program requires at minimum 7 concurrent broadcast days with 8 hours, 20 minutes of stream uptime to be elligable to earn income through subscriptions and bits. AOC knows that the path to partner is going to be the same for her as it is the average streamer, and is prepared to grind it out with the same vigor she has worked into legislature and national policy.

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