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Top 4 Costumes to Wear This Halloween to Stay Mysterious While Still Spreading COVID

1. Batman - That's right, you too can masquerade as the crime fighting superhero, who has no superpowers at all. The mask covers pretty much everything but your nose and mouth, which definitely helps the super spreading capability to discourage any in-person crime.

2. Frank Reynolds - Specifically during the orgy episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. He wears a mask to stay anonymous, and so can you during your Halloweekend orgy!

3. Zoro from The Princess Bride - I hope you've exposed yourself to small doses of coronavirus this past summer to build up an immunity, because this get-up will not protect you at all from airborne contaminants.

4. Tuxedo Mask - Not only will you be a weeb for Halloween, you also have a risk of contracting coronavirus with this costume! Talk about taking two Ls.

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