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HEARTBREAKING: Hershey and Nestlé Sales Fall, Companies Feel Sympathy for Candy Corn and Licorice

For the first time in recent history, store shelves remain full for this particular product: chocolates and the good sour candies (especially the sour gummy worms) have not been selling nearly as much this year as previous ones, for obvious reasons.

Trick or treating is half of the Halloween celebration, the yin to the yang of "costume wearing," but its format of handing candy to children in-person as they go door to door makes the activity somewhat difficult to pull off. As a result, household candy brands have seen a reduction of sales in their product, and realize that this is what generic candy-corn and licorice companies must feel like every year.

"I can't believe it," reports John Hershey, CEO. "I thought that we would be ahead of this whole Covid thing by the end of the summer, so I actually ordered double production of our chocolates on the assumption that Halloween would be the first holiday where everyone would want to return to normalcy."

Nestlé reports similar numbers, meaning that these companies are actually doing relatively worse than the ones behind candy corn and licorice, who had the same production goals as they've had in all past years - 24 units per state.

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