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  • Sam Lorenz

"Can We Please Stop Making Everything Political?" Asks Trump in Presidential Debate

Among the messy back and forth in last night's debate, a notable thread arose from Trump with regards to people politicizing his and Biden's statements. The incumbent president brought complaints about his "statements" being made "political" and called for Chris Wallace and the audience to avoid making the debate for the highest political office in the U.S. about politics.

"I miss when I was able to jab at Joe about being smart, and I may even go so far as to say I even missed when he called me a clown, even though that is just not true. Bullying each other in front of national TV isn't political; that's just some roughhousing between the boys!"

Our reporters can't find anything else substantial from the debate to write between these quotes, but we will say it's astonishing how much time can be filled with back and forths on whether or not something someone is saying is true or false; it's truly a miracle to substitute any constructive conversation with 90 minutes of repeated denials and affirmations.

When asked after the debate to clarify the initial complaint, Trump replied:

"Listen, all I want is a fair election with absolutely no politics involved. And if that means telling white supremacists to stand back and stand by instead of condemning them, then so be it!"

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