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Binghamton University Mascot Baxter the Bearcat Revealed as a Talented Drag Performer

The Binghamton University community was shocked to learn that Baxter the Bearcat, the university’s beloved mascot, has a secret talent as a drag performer. Baxter, who is typically seen cheering on the university’s athletic teams and attending campus events, has been performing in drag for years under the stage name “Baxie Devine.”

According to sources close to Baxter, the bearcat has been a fan of drag culture for many years, and has been honing his skills in secret. The revelation came as a surprise to many on campus, who had no idea that the friendly and outgoing mascot had such a hidden talent. Baxter’s drag performances have reportedly been well-received by audiences, and many are amazed at the bearcat’s ability to transform into a fierce and glamorous queen. Baxie Devine’s signature look includes sequined gowns, feather boas, and sky-high stilettos.

While some on campus have expressed surprise and even discomfort with the revelation, many students and staff members have expressed support for Baxter and his artistic pursuits. “I think it’s amazing that Baxter has this talent,” said one student. “It just shows that you can never judge someone based on their appearance or job.”

The university has not commented on Baxter’s drag performances, but some speculate that the bearcat’s new hobby may have an impact on the university’s policies regarding mascots and public appearances. For now, Baxter will continue to perform in drag in secret, though many hope that the talented bearcat will one day be able to share his talent with the entire Binghamton community.

In conclusion, Baxter the Bearcat's secret talent as a drag performer may have come as a shock to some, but it has also opened up discussions about the importance of embracing individuality and talent in all forms. While there may be some discomfort and surprise initially, it is important to remember that everyone has hidden talents and passions that may not be immediately visible.

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